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Q. How can I check if I have a leak?

If you can't remove the drain pipe to check for a leak, listen for a hissing if you do hear it then give us a call (303) 360-0218

Q. Do I really need to worry about hidden leaks?

If a leak goes unnoticed or unaddressed it can cause for bigger problems down the road. Leaks can create an unhealthy environment and can cause mildew and mold.

Q. Should I repair or replace leaky faucets?

Yes, always call us if you have a leaky faucet it is best to get that taken care of right away before bigger problems arise!

Q. My toilet sounds like it is constantly running - is there anything I can do to fix it?

Many things can cause your toilet to run constantly, whether it be a bad flapper, a tanks water level or faulty tube. Call your local plumber Tyrooter Plumbing today!

Q. Why does my hot water not work as well in the winter?

First, check for leaky pipes, rust or sediment buildup. Then call our team of experts as we specialize in plumbing services that can take the stress away.

Q. What do I do if my toilet overflows?

First, shut off the water that is running to the toilet. Then hold the flapper and stop the flow of water and allow the toilet to completely drain. If it continues give us a call at (303) 360-0218